Real Estate Marketing Tips in Richmond, Kentucky

Marketing works well when you are focused on localizing it to target your potential buyer base through organized segments. However, times are changing and traditional marketing won’t just cut it. So, how do you plan on surviving the changing market? Well, here are some marketing tips:

Get Online

In a 2019 survey conducted by Real Estate Bees, it was found that around 87% of homebuyers resort to internet when looking for property information. Now, with increasing mobile and desktop internet users, one can only expect the users to grow. The biggest tactic that no Realtor should let go is online advertising. It’s not just an option but a necessity! More people are getting online, looking for property options so it’s only natural for realtors to adapt to the change and offer information where it’s being asked for.

Using live chat and email communication will also help in materializing leads well. Include your website and other virtual portfolio and contact information in all of your stationery.

Virtual Tours

Let your visitors get a good look at the property. Post virtual tours to make your listings more engaging. You can also post slide shows, audio descriptions, and visualized enactments of the property. This will help in sparking interest among prospective customers through optimized visibility. Moreover, video clips, aerial photos and videos of Richmond, Kentucky neighborhood, etc will only impress the clients further.

Make Your Team Visible

Make your team visible to your virtual visitors by posting about them on your website. Your About Us section should be comprehensive with complete information on national and local Richmond, Kentucky team and this will help in eliciting customer interest. Don’t forget to mention your years of experience, success rate, etc. Include how you can be contacted virtually and offline and how soon a potential client can arrange a visit to the property he/she’s interested in.

Events And Email Marketing

Send out newsletters and proposals online to emails that have been subscribed to you. Offer weekly subscription to your local Richmond, Kentucky real estate newsletter on your website and get potential clients or those with inquiries to sign up for them.

Hold local food, dance and industry specific event to open dialogue among stakeholders and potential buyers. Invest in some goodwill generation by volunteering for social causes and ensure that your team wears your personalized T-shirts and also distributes them among locals to give your business wider visibility.

Invent In Client Retention

Keep in touch with your clients and if they happen to be real estate investors or commercial stakeholders/clients then inform them regularly about new properties arriving on the market depending on their need. Stats reveal that clients often use the same agent again for real estate business so build trust and retain your clients.

Richmond, Kentucky is turning into a great centre for real estate businesses and in this virtual era, it’s all about staying 10 steps ahead of the game. So, understand the changing economics and adapt quickly to keep trade in your favor.